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I absolutely love the new Zara collection. Not everything of course, but sooo much! For this time: jeans, pants and jumpsuits.


– blue destroyed jeans: €39.95
– red/orange jumpsuit: €49,95
– dungarees: €49,95
– short with the dots: €29,95
– blue and white print: €39,95 
– white shorts: €39,95
– white jeans: €25,95
– dark blue jeans: €39,95
– lavender jeans: €49,95

At first I was doubting about the blue and white printed pants, but they immediately catched my eye. Then I started to think about how I would combine them. I think they would be amazing with the silver heels in my earlier Zara post from the 13th of March. Combined with just a simple black or white top, matched with red lips. Would be fashionable and classy but also gives a comfi casual feeling. Win-win situation!

I really like the jumpsuit. But have to see for myself when I’m back in the Netherlands if the color isn’t too orange. Else it will give the ‘Go Holland’ or ‘Queens/Kingsday-feeling’. Or worse, that I’m in jail, haha. But if the color leans a bit towards red/coral, it could be so amazing! Especially since I’m a bit tanned and have brown hair. Just have to fit it and see if I can erase it from my mind or that I really want to have it.

The rest don’t need much explanation I think. Just such pretty pieces with which I could go all different ways!

Am I the only one who already put a shoppingbag together with too much pieces and don’t know which items I have to get out of it? Or have you also fallen hard for the collection, just like me?

X Suzan