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A good movie.. I LOVE it! I like different genres, but most of all something with romance. Just a movie that takes you totally away, preferably with good music and sometimes a bit tragic.
My favorite soundtracks from a few of my favorite movies:

Movie: The perks of being a wallflower  – 2012
The acting in this movie is so wonderful. Especially Logan Lerman in the breakdown-scene. This movies contains so much great music. Must see!
Music: Michael Brook – Kiss breakdown

Movie: The notebook – 2004
Noah and Allie, my favorite love couple. I can watch this movie over and over again. Actually all of the movies in this list, haha.
Music: Billie Holiday – I’ll be seeing you

Movie: The Lucky one – 2012

Watching this movie, you just can feel the love. Once again, the music gives it an even better feeling! 
Music: A Fine Frenzy – What I wouldn’t do

Movie: One day – 2011
One of my absolute favorites. I feel like I’m repeating myself haha but they are all really good in my opinion. Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess are just great in this movie. You get to see where they are in different years on the same day. Tragic and beautiful.
Music: Rachel Portman – We had today

Movie: About time – 2013

This lovely movie gives you just such a good feeling about life.
Music: Paul Buchanan – Mid air (piano)

Movie: The holiday – 2006

Ok another great one. Great music and it has everything. The happiness, the tears, the laughs. When the movie is finished I always have to listen to this song a couple more times.
Music: Imogen Heap – Just for now

Movie: The Great Gatsby – 2013

Leonardo DiCaprio has done it once again for me, what an actor! Not only the actors were great, the visuals and the music were also very well chosen.
Music: Sia – Kill and run

I always wish the good music parts take longer. I just get taken away by the music. Like I said, for me, music definitely makes the scene better in a movie. When you haven’t seen this movies, I hope you’ll like them just as much as I do when you’ll watch them!

X Suzan