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There will be coming out some nice movies this summer. Here are a couple of my favorites so far. I have no idea if they are actually good, because I absolutely hate spoilers and I’ve just judged it by the trailer haha. I also only read books after seeing the movie, because when I love a movie I want to know more about it. And voila, then you still got a book to read and even got to find out more about the characters.

The first one of these trailers, The Fault in Our Stars, is maybe a bit predictable, but I really want to see this movie! I have to wait untill the 27th of July before it will hit the theaters in the Netherlands though.

If I Stay. Another movie with a promising trailer. I think it will be an interesting movie and it’s coming out on my birthday, the 22th of August, yay!

And one more. This one already came out in 2013. The movie is called ‘And while we were here’. Jamie Blackley is also a main character in the movie above. I’ve already seen this one, so I can tell a little more about it. But I will keep it short and simple, so there won’t be any spoilers. For me it’s about love and the drama and the pleasure it can give in life. The movie is a bit blue, but still, it is beautiful, Just as the setting is and the music!

Hope you’ll enjoy it!