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I just finished John Green’s book Looking for Alaska a few days ago and yesterday I started reading The Fault in Our Stars.
The Way John Green writes his books, is the way that I like to read a book. You really feel connected to his characters: Miles in Looking for Alaska. Which is the book that I want to tell you about in this post.

Miles is a boy who didn’t really had the most special time at high school and he wants someting better right now. He is longing for the Great perhaps. At his new school he makes some new friends, the Colonel and Alaska. They’ll change his way of thinking and in the middle of the book something totally unexpected happends.

I kind of hoped that the book would reveal a bit more about a certain person. This will probably only make sense if you’ve already read the book, because if you haven’t this isn’t very clear at all, haha. But still, I really enjoyed reading all Miles his thoughts and especially in the ending. It really makes you think deeper about certain aspects of life.
So, annother recommendation. Once you start, you want to continue reading it.