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Last week I finished reading The Fault in Our Stars from John Green. Like I expected, the book was great!

The story is about Hazel Grace Lancaster (like a lot of you probably already know). She is sixteen years old and she has cancer. But the thing about this book is, that it isn’t just about cancer. It isn’t about just that at all. Hazel meets Augustus Waters, who looks at the world a bit differently than Hazel does.
She is a very smart girl and she doesn’t think that she has got a lot of time left, because of her longs that aren’t functioning properly. Gus had a prosthetic leg, due to cancer, but he is ”clean” for now.

The book is about falling in love and thinking about our universe. Thinking about the universe sounds a bit woolly maybe, but it is just really interesting to read how Hazel and Gus think about our world and the meaning of a lot of things in our life. But of course it also tragic and it contains utter honesty.
This is just such an excellent book of John Green, a masterpiece which is written beautifully. Big recommandation!