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Last week I was reminded of this movie and I put it on to my ”watch-list”. Today I decided it was a good day for this movie.

The Spectacular Now is about Sutter and Amy. They are two people with different perspectives on life. Sutter thinks about the here and now, while Amy likes to think about the future.


When I saw the trailer I already got the feeling that this would be a movie that I could appreciate. I like movies about love, but not in a too corny kind of way. I like it to be realistic, but then again, not too depressive (not confusion at all what I’m saying haha). The movie was even better than I expected. It has got so much more in it than the trailer shows.

So if you’re into movies like One Day, The Fault in Our Stars, The Perks of Being A Wallflower, etc. Then I’m sure you would like to watch this one. Although it isn’t as dramatic as the movies named above, it has a got a bit of the same feeling at specific parts. To describe it in short: It’s realistic and kind of makes you long for stuff. With sly humor and an intensity of feeling. The thing I maybe like the most of all is that it makes you think about life, but in the special kind of way where the movie just seems to take you away for a while.

I loved it! So this is definitely a recommandation from me xo