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♥ Grey’s Anatomy to return for its 11th season in the Netherlands
♥ Christmas, I loooove Christmas
♥ Relaxing moments on the couch with a blanket and the Harry Potter movies
♥ Autumn a.k.a. cinema time
♥ Finally buying some nice autumn/winter outfits. The cold seasons and me just don’t work very well together (at least not when I’m not relaxing, haha)
♥ Buying nice black boots
♥ Reading some new books
♥ Getting Bordeaux-red All Stars
♥ For Glee to return
♥ For The Vampire Diaries to return
♥ To just have some piece and quite time after this week. As you can see I’m only looking forward to doing lazy stuff right now (guiltyyy), because I’m busy studying really hard for a big test that I have on the 4th of October. So after that a few days of FREEDOM. Can’t wait ♥