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My Phone is still working and I love my Phone (the Sony Miro), but it just isn’t working and looking properly anymore. For starters, I dropped my Phone (for the I-don’t-know-how-manyth-time) and this time my screen didn’t really survive. My dad’s reaction was ‘Oh well, finally, it was about time it broke if you think about how many times you’ve dropped it’. And he had a point. I wasn’t always as gentle with my Sony as I should have been. I tried to, but I’m just a bit too clumsy sometimes.

But I can still use my Phone, but it just doesn’t look so good anymore haha.
Soooo I need a new Phone. I had no idea which one I wanted. Like you are probably thinking, ‘O probably another new IPhone post’. But no, I found another one.

My sister introduced me to the Huawei Ascend G6, and I think I really like it. Although I’ve been a Sony fan for my whole life, or well the whole 7 seven years that I’ve possesed a Phone, so I’m not sure yet if I can drop my Sony-love. Probably not. But still, I think I will probably cheat once with Huawei. Maybe I’ll buy some headphones to make it up to Sony..