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Oyeah. Twilight is returning. When I read this I thought, well probably a catchy line, but not true. But it kind of is!
It isn’t a secret that I was (and am) a huge twilight fan, so I’m really excited!
The idea is that there will be coming 5 short spin-off movies who will be placed on Facebook. It said the spin-offs are going to be made around the charachters we already know from Twilight. So here is me, hoping Robert Pattinson will colaborate as well. Because it didn’t say anything about him. Fingers crossed!

The short movies are going to be a new experience of the Twilight-world, as Michel Burn from Lionsgate said and it will only be the beginning. So maybe there is going to be a another ‘real’ movie. Because let’s be honest, that is what we really want (-;