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Jamie’s new book ‘Comfort Food’ is out & I will definitely add it to my book-collection.
jamie oliver
I’ve watched some episodes based on this book (also called, really hard to guess.. Comfort Food). And I love it! Jamie is just as great, funny and creative as always. I absolutely love this man, his cute family & his tasty recipes!
From lovely pies tot lasagna, chicken, pasta, just everything. He really knows how to make people hungry haha. Like Jamie says, Comfort food is the heartbeat of a home.

In the Netherlands they used a song for his new program. It’s called Pure Joy, sung by M. Ward. It goes perfectly well together with the kind of vibe you get from Jamie and his recipes.

So, you’ve probably noticed how much I like Jamie, haha.
What do you think about his new work, just as big of a fan as I am?