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Yesterday evening I watched White Bird in a Blizzard. And I’ve got to say, the movie was really different from what I expected.

Shailene Woodley was really good in this movie (like usual). Sometimes the movie was a bit creepy, sometimes romantic (but it isn’t a really romantic movie), sometimes weird, or actually most of the time it was a bit weird, but a good kind of weird. Because over all, I think it was a good movie! It also reminded me a bit of Gone Girl and American Beauty. Although these movies are all really different, I just got the feeling that White Bird in a Blizzard will be a movie you might like, if you think the other two movies are good as well.

In short – The movie is about a teenage girl, who’s mother just vanishes one day. You will see what happened before that very day, present and future. It kept me fascinated until the last seconds of the film.

So if you want to see something different and you are into indie kind of movies, with a touch of mystery and weirdness, this will be probably be a movie for you.