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There are quite a lot of movies that are coming up/already out that I’m excited about at the moment. So I decided to make a little list. Lets just say, the winter season allows us to watch this many movies (-;

Mockingjay Part I – Probably doesn’t need much of an introduction. Can’t wait to check it out in the cinemas!

Magic in the Moonlight – The title speaks for itself. I think this will be a nice and dreamy movie.

The Theory of Everything – Original and romantic, seems like a good combination to me. Curious about how this movie will make me feel.

Love, Rosie – I think you shouldn’t watch the trailer if you want to be surprised (-; It seems like a nice romcom!

Age of Adeline – The idea of this movies seems pretty good! I hope the acting will be good as well!

And then I still want to see the Maze Runner, Fury, The Hobbit, and probably some more movies that I forgot about. If you got any suggestion for me, they are always welcome!