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It has been a while ago, but this week a new episode of Pretty Little Liars aired, called: How the ‘A’ stole Christmas.
Although pretty little liarsnothing became any clearer I still loved it. Because let’s be honest, I think we will never know who A really is haha, or at least not anytime soon. I still got so many questions! Especially about all the characters that might be involved, given the fact that they always appear for a few episodes, then dissapear and then all of the sudden are there again a season later. Or they never talk about certain events anymore. And then I’m still wondering, why did this happen? Why was she/he there? How? Noooo, you can’t be on the A team!? It is always so busy in my head during an episode, haha.

But, what I actually wanted to share with you is that I loved this song from last week’s episode. Have yourself a merry little Christmas by Christina Perri. It’s a bit more dramatic than the Original version and it really suits her voice in my opinion!

For now, I’ll be enjoying December and will be waiting patienly for the 6th of January to arrive with a new episode of PLL.