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The sun was shining today and even though it is only 6 degrees right now, I already feel like spring and summer are coming soon. If it is still going to snow, you’ll understand that I will get into a great depression.
These are some items from Hollister that I really want to have! They all look veryyy pretty. Loving the firtiness, in a classy and relaxed kind of way.

I just really want a hat. And a dress is always good. Same goes for two dresses. The T-shirt is just very easy going, the blouse for the colder weather (uhum.. like that will keep you warm, never mind, good excuse Suzan) and the shoes because they will look pretty good under a jeans but also under a short, skirt or dress. All these reasons seem valid to me haha, which item do you think I should definitely get?

hollister 01-15