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I can’t believe that we’re already halfway through the sixth season from TVD! I remember when I started watching the show back in 2009. (I just turned 14. I am only 19 years old right now, but starting to feel old by writing this lol). I’m still I massive fan!

The show always leaves me with questions. Like last night’s episode ‘Prayer for the Dying’. Like where was Allaric? And why haven’t we seen Bonnie for a few weeks now? Where were Jeremy and Matt?


And I still think it is a bit strange that Caroline and Tyler totally lost interest in eachother. Maybe they aren’t in love with eachother anymore and that is possible. It just seems that they have become kind of stranger of eachother and I think that is just a bit weird, because they used to have such a strong connection. But nevertheless, I think Caroline and Stefan do match too. They were already really cute when they were just friends. So hopefully we will see them going into a more positive direction than where they were for the last 7 or so episodes, because now I like them more when they are being eachother’s bestfriend.
And then, Damon and Elena. At first I was a real Stelena fan, haha. Like Elena knew how to get Stefan out of his ripper-fase. And they were always there for eachother. You know, Stefan and Elena, Elena and Stefan, butterflies, lol. They were the reason the series even got started. I always remember the intro (imagine in a dark Stefan-voice): for over a century I lived in secret, until now. I know the risk, but I have to know her.
But I also think that Damon is really sweet and that I do like him together with Elena, as long as she doesn’t start to have doubts again. And I have to say, I thought  Damon and Bonnie were pretty cute too.
Allaric is also a very handsome teacher haha, and I still miss him with Jenna.
And well, I think it is clear right now, I’m too much involved with the characters lol. I’m curious of how they will make Kay dissapear. Maybe with some help from one of the originals?