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Things of this week that I needed to share. From gorgeous pictures, to interviews, to trailers. A bit of everything.

Gigi Hadid and Seafolly make one hell of a combination if you ask me. Loving the instagram filtered idea of this video combined with the sharper images. And Gigi is in my opinion just one pretty lady.

Collages10 jennifer lawrence
Another pretty lady. Jennifer Lawrence in her shoot for Vanity Fair. Just stunning! Love the way they did her hair, make-up, clothing and the setting of course. Makes me want to look fabulous and go into the jungle as well :p And this two dresses she is wearing, I want to have them. Just like I wan’t spring and summer to start. SO badly.

 And a trailer from the movie that I want to go see in the cinemas next week. About love and time travelling. It sounds like a movie that I would enjoy, I’m excited!