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Last Friday I watched The Reader. A couple of years ago I also watched this movie, but I couldn’t really remember it anymore because I was pretty young back then and probably wasn’t looking so closely.
Nevertheless, I was really happy that I watched it again. I thought the movie was so good! Kate Winslet is just one of those actresses that always amazes me and David Kross delivered such a good performance.
As I’m writing this post, the story is still playing so vividly in my mind. I think I will get the book this week in the library. It is supposed to be really good.


The movie is about a woman, Hanna, who is starting an affair with Michael, who is a teenager. One day Hanna just dissapears, and a couple of years later Hanna and Michael encounter eachother again in court. The acting was just so good, David Kross’ acting just completely took you out of this world and in to the movie. The whole time you’re trying to understand how everything could have happened and why the persons involved are the way they are. I especially loved the parts where Hanna and Michael are still young and how the relationship takes its form. If you haven’t seen this movie yet, I would really like to recommand you to watch it!