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The first thing of this week that I’m probably excited about is the upcoming movie ‘Far from the madding crowd’. I’m saying probably, because of course you’ll never know how it will turn out. But I think it has got two things that makes me excited: the trailer and Carey Mulligan. It looks romantic, dramatic and the leading role is for a untamed lady, played by Carey. I must say I’m pretty curious!

And the next thing I had to share with you: The Glee wedding(s). What a nice episode! Only two episodes left, I’m SO going to miss this show, the weirdness, the wise lessons, the characters just the whole shebang. But for now, two more weeks in which I will be excited for saturday to come and watch Glee.

And last, but not least another video. Of course it is nice to make your own tutorials, but it is also nice to share other people’s work. So here is a video of Vivianna and her top 5 red lipsticks. In my opinion they are all great. So is her hair, love the chop!