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Something I can’t get enough of. The piano is just one instrument that I think is just beautiful. How you can make such different songs on just one instrument. This year I want to start with playing piano myself as well. For now, some of my favorites:

 This song from Remember Me by Marcelo Zarvos gets me everytime. Probably also because it makes me think of the ending of that movie, but even apart from that, it’s so emotional.

This song may be remembered by a few of you from the Notebook. I love this scene where Allie is playing the piano and then Noah leans in for a kiss. Awww. 

 A couple of years ago I learned to play a part of River Flows in you by YouTube tutorials. It would be amazing if I could learn to play the whole song, which goes for all of these songs of course. I’m totally not setting the bar too high :p

A classic from Amélie.

 To build a home by The Cinematic Orchestra is just one of those song that I can’t describe. From 1:08 it is just the piano playing and I don’t know how, but it is just perfects and when I close my eyes I feel like I’m just one with the music. It might sounds deep, but it’s just the way it is for me :p And at 4:00 when the new piano played part sets in, I’m lost in the music again. This might be the piece that I want to be able to play the most.

 The piece after 1:58, just so good again!

 Ok, this one is played on the cello, but also so good!

 And this one is also a bit of a cheat. It isn’t just the piano that you are hearing, but I absolutely love this song. And the movie as well. And the book. Everything about it. If you haven’t seen this movie or read the book, I would like to say: please do consider: It’s absolutely lovely, funny, drammatic and brilliant. Yes, it definitely belongs into my favorite-list.

That is my list for now. Hope you’ll enjoy listening to this beautiful music! I’m always very keen on finding new good music, so, If you have any recommandations for me, let me know!