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This week I finished reading Paper Towns. And I’ve got mixed feeling about it. In overall I liked the book, only it took quite some time to finish it, because like halfway I was kind of loosing interest. Although I still wanted to know what was going to happen next, it took a bit too long for that thing to actually happen :p But overall, I really liked the experience of this book!
I like the way John Green writes and I’m also pretty excited about the movie that will be coming out based on Paper Towns starring Nat Wolff and Cara Delevigne. That will be interesting! It will be out on the 25th of June, so that won’t be long at all.


But the most important thing: the story. It’s about Quentin, who is a introverted boy with a couple of close friends. Margo is the girl next door who he always liked, ever since they were kids. When they were younger they discovered a death body in a park near to their home, and that’s something that has always stayed with them. Margo is not a ordinairy girl. She has a strong voice and as Q and Margo are growing older they kind of loose contact. Untill she appears in front of Q’s window and she wants his help in some kind of adventure. What follows is one weird night and after that: Margo dissapears and the ‘quest’ for Margo is started by Quentin himself. Where did she go and why exactly did she leave like this?

I love the links between the search and Walt Whitman’s book Leaves of Grass. John Green once again created some vivid characters! If you are into his writing, I’m sure you will enjoy this book as well!