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On Tuesday I finally got to see The Theory of Everything. I’ve been so excited about  this movie that I didn’t want to see it right away when it came out, because than the fun would just be over. Soooo this week was THE week that I finally got to see it. And I loved it! It wasn’t what I had expected at all, but still it was such a good experience.

The movie is about Stephen Hawking, a man who finds out he is suffering from ALS, a motor neuron disease which leads to him being almost fully paralysed, but his brain is still functioning like it always did. He and his girlfriend Jane are getting married and intent to make the most out of the two years the doctors says he has got left. The movie is about the disease, for him to live with it and for the people around him to live with it. About feeling lost, in love and living in a certain pattern. The acting was just amazing and therefore Eddie Redmayne got an oscar in his role of Stephen Hawking, but Felicity Jones was in my opinion also so convincingly, real and pure.

the theory of everything

Spoiler ahead if you don’t know about Stephen’s life. I really didn’t like the way the marriage ended between Jane and Stephen. I got the fact that it did ended. But I just didn’t like the way Elaine was acting towards Jane. Jane put all her devotion in caring for her husband, and than she’s just getting pushed out of the room like she didn’t want to have Stephen all the best things. And now I was just looking on Wikipedia, because I was wondering if Elaine did like really really had feelings for Stephen? And there it says that they got married in the same year that Jane and Stephen got divorced. Eventhough she’s must have been good to him, I really felt bad for Jane in the movie ;(

BUT, let’s not get carried away any further. I thought the movie was great! If you haven’t seen it yet and you like movies about love, the realness of life and just something pure, you’ll enjoy this movie just like I did.