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To stay in the spirit of Sunday-Funday: a clip from the Wolf of Walstreet, whick Always makes me laugh out loud! Baby you knowyou’ve got real anger issues

And this shoot is just gorgeous. Already more than a month old, but just realised that I haven’t shared some pictures froom the shoot with you. Such lovely pictures of Doutzen Kroes and her little family on the Dutch Vogue.
doutzen kroes

And at last: hairstyling. There is a new trend that has been going on for quite a while now, but seems to be reaching its peek right now. The long bob. A week ago I also went to the hairdresser and finally got a nice chop. And I like it! Pfoe, was a bit scared that I was going to miss my longer hair, but so far I’m still liking the ‘nonchalant, I like my hair and really don’t care’-feeling I get from my new hairdo :p Here are some hairstyles that inspired me.
long bob