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Oh, how I am going to miss this show! The weirdness and the wise lessons. I really enjoyed the last episode and watched it with pauses in between just because I knew that it would be the last time that I would watch something of Glee for the first time. I just wanted to enjoy every moment – no shame in my game, I’m a Gleek.

Although I would have loved it if they gave a bit more lines to older characters from the show, I had a good time and I really think it suited as a goodbye for the show.And I can’t post something about Glee without some music of course. The first one: Mr. Schue and Sue: The winner takes it all.

For me this last beautiful sung by Lea Michele and written by Darren Criss really reminded me of Cory and her time at McKinley High. You are always in our hearts ♥

And this last song makes me so happy. And Kind of Nostalgic. It is their last song, they are all together and it kind of make want to cry, because it is a bit sad too, given that it’s the ending. So yes, I really think that I Lived is perfect as their last song.

And finally I just want to say: Thank you Glee. Thank you for all the joy you have brought!