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Yesterday evening I watched About Alex with my sister. We wanted to see a movie that we both hadn’t seen before, and that’s when we decided to watch this movie after seeing the trailer.

And I really liked it. Normally I am the person who sees a trailer and then becomes a bit too excited during the time of seeing the trailer and watching the movie. But because we didn’t hear of this movie untill just some minutes before watching it, I hadn’t set expectations and it turned out to be a nice movie!

The movie is about Alex, who wants to commit suicide. He survives though and the next weekend his friends from college come over to help out. It is just a group of totally different people which gave funny moments, but also weird and sad. So if you haven’t heard of this movie, I just want to say: Go check it out. Eventhough the tough subject, an easy going movie that’s nice for a night in.