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Today I was looking out of my window. I saw new leaves had appeared on the trees. A week ago they weren’t there, but today they were. Isn’t it crazy how small things like these sometimes just get unnoticed? It’s only just a simple thing, but still it amazes me. How everything grows in spring, stays beautiful in the summer and then slowly falls down in autumn and stands still in the winter. I can’t help but making a connection between what happens in life and what happens in nature. People will meet, and they will slowely move into a beautiful union. But then after a while, little cracks can dissapear in paradise and it seems like the freshness and greatness is slowely fleeding. You will feel kind of numb. But then again, today I was looking out of my window. Luckily spring has arrived. And once again, it left me wondering how things can grow again. How eventough it has been the cold, it can be warm again, in just the blink of an eye.