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This Monday I went out to the cinema with one of my bestfriends to see The longest ride. And what can I say.. We loved it! Just a lovely romantic movie with a touch of drama. If you are a fan of the other movies that are based on the books of Nicholas Sparks, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this adaption as well!

The movie, in short, is about sacrificing for love. You will follow two stories, set in a different time. It’s about how love is worth the risk. And of course the stories are about much more than that, but like I always say, I hate spoilers, so I think the trailer says about enough (If not too much) for you to know if you want to see the movie. And I’m just here to tell you, the movie is good, so you should see it haha. And was it just me by the way or did this trailer -and the valentine’s day trailer for this movie even more so- made me think that this was a country style 50 shades of grey. Let me tell you right now, it isn’t lol. I liked the music though. The first song is Waiting Game my Banks. The second is Hozier’s Work song. And last but nog least, Scott Eastwood has got beautiful eyes. Enjoy!