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A little ode to Kate Moss. I always think she is just stunning. Especially her black and white pictures, around her beginning face at Calvin Klein. I love that it is making her look even more raw. What a unique beauty!

kate moss

A band that I ”discovered” this week while watching the movie Wild -where I’ll be making a post about soon- is First Aid Kit. I love their R.E.M. cover Walk Unafraid, which is the soundtrack from wild, and also My Silver Lining. These hippies from Sweden got some good voices and harmonies. Definitely worth checking them out. Especially when they are singing: I won’t take the easy road, the easy road, the easy roaaad, whoo oo. Haha, this song makes me happy!

This week Far from the madding crowd will premiere in the Netherlands. I’m not really sure how this movie will be. The trailer looks quite promising and I think Carey Mulligan is a really good actress, so fingers cross that I will receive the movie with the same feeling. I already think that I’m going to ship this two to end up together in the movie