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Here are some of my favorite sandals that I found yet for this year’s summer and spring. They are all from the brand Sam Edelman and the prices vary between 125-150 euros. So, unfortunately, they aren’t very cheep. But on the bright side: They are very pretty. I think that I will allow myself to buy one pair, here comes the dilemma lol.

The golden ones go together with casual outfits and also with dresses and skirts. The black-and-white sandals are a bit more unique and would look great with an all black outfit like a jumpsuit or a cute black dress. I think it is nicer to wear these ones with just black, grey or white. So that’s a disadvantage, but I like the design sooo much! Then we have got the grey-ish snake print sandals. These ones are also unique, but easier to combine because they aren’t that much in your face. And then the last ones: the sandals with the flowers. They are like a jewel to your feet. But not as suptile as the other ones.

So, I’m a little bit lost haha. What are your thoughts? Which pair do you think I should absolutely get and which one would you like to have? I think they are all gorgeous!