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My sudden urge to re-watch Sex and the City isn’t without a reason. You might already caught the news, but Sex and the City might be returning with a third movie. Although Sarah Jessica Parker said she didn’t mean to imply there is coming a third movie by posting a picture of her leaving Bloomingsdale, I still like to think that it’s possible. So the left pictures is what made us excited. The right picture: how we feel after reading SJP’s statement, lol.


Last week I posted some pictures of a young Kate Moss, this week some current pictures of Kate Moss, from the American Vogue together with her husband Jamie Hince. Isn’t she still beautiful? These pictures look like a little tropical paradise. I like it!

Zoekresultaten van kate moss

This week the last episode of the sixth season from The Vampire Diaries aired. – SPOILER AHEAD- Which is also the last episode which included Elena Gilbert a.k.a. Nina Dobrev. I think it’s going to be pretty weird without her. And I have to say, I’m actually quite happy with the way her story ended. It was not in the way that any of us expected and she didn’t die and Bonnie gets to live as well. I really liked the way the was saying goodbye to all her friends. Right now I’m really curious what they are going to do with season 7, without any real love stories going on.. I hope they are not getting in to the new witchy people and all that stuff too deeply, because I think I had my portion of witches an dopplegangers and all of that, lol. For now, Goodbye Nina, you were lovely as Elena! <3