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Yesterday I watched Testament of Youth, which is based on a true story. This was such a good and touching movie! Not only the acting, but the filming itself and the soundtrack aswell, it truely is a work of art.

a testament of youth

The movie is about a girl, Vera Brittain, who wants to study at Oxford and be an independant woman. But as she’s finally getting closer to her goals, WWI breaks out. Her friends, including her brother Edward and Roland, the man Vera is slowly falling for, are placed in a different city in England and later on in French. As the war is continuing, you will see how Vera deals with everything that is going on.

Testament of Youth shows you how love can grow & how loss can break. I don’t want to give away any spoilers, but if you are interested in stories about war-time, if you like romance and a not so superficial, partly dark, truthful movie, you will definitely appreciate this one!