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Last night I was checking Abercrombie & Fitch’s online shop. And I have to say: Me Likey! The only thing that I don’t like about it, is most of the pricetags lol. But apart from that, I really like the vibe they got going on. Pretty casual, simple and cool, but on the other hand still feminine, cute and chique. Just the way I like it! Here are some of my favorites. The three skirts on the bottom are actually skorts. I love that word haha, as you will probably get, it is a mixture of a skirt and a short. When I was little I used to own a pair of these, because I could play around all day, without everyone seeing my underwear lol, those were the days. I wasn’t planning on climbing trees etc. but I still think it comes in handy because I’m quite ‘movable’. I like to go walking, cycling, sitting on a fence or on a table, writing this I’m realizing that I’m still a bit of a monkey :p So let’s just say: A skort is just very practical for me and they are very pretty! The top on the left is very classy cool, the bag is black and that is just how I like them, the top with the stripes will look great on the denim short and the top on the right is just very festival-like. All would be great with these slippers, or with a black pair of Sam Edelman sandals.

So yes, I’m pretty happy with this collection. This makes me so in the mood for summer! Which outfit would you like to have the most? 

abercrombie & fitch