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O yesss, I’m excited about this thing that I like to call Earcandy. Right now I only have one place to put in a earring, in both ears. But I think that is about to change. I’m not sure yet how though. So I decided to look for some images to inspire myself and others. I think I would like to have another earring right next to the ones that I got and one on the top of my ear. But then again, one in the middle would be really cool as well, but then maybe just stick to one on the bottom? I could fantasize a little more and come up with some more examples, but I think it’s pretty clear, lol. I just think that if you put on a simple outfit, these earrings could totally take the whole package to the next level. Especially if they have like a simple and clean style going on, it makes you look a bit more sophisticated and edgy. A win-win! Still not really sure what I like the most. So I will think about it for a bit more, before I get myself ears full of holes that I come to regret, lol. What are your thoughts on ear piercings? And which combination would you probably choose?