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I just finished watching Now is Good. It is probably the fourth or fifth time that I have seen it and it still is so good! It is just real, like life is. It warms your heart, but it will also break it. The actors really delivered some wonderful work. The emotions are just very honest and pure. The instrumental soundtrack from Dustin O’halloran is also brilliant. I love how he plays the piano. It really adds up to the movie.

You must be wondering: what is this movie about? Now is Good is about a girl, Tessa (Dakota Fanning), who has got leukemia. She knows that she doesn’t have got much time left. She wants to do as much as possible in that small amount of time. But then unexpectedly she meets her new neighbour, Adam (Jeremy Irvine). You see how Tessa deals with everything, but also the people around her.  Despite the sad story, it is so beautiful and definitely worth watching!