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From this week on, something new. My weekly update. Or at least, I will try to keep it weekly, see if my life allows me to write something cool, lol. But I thought, it would make things a bit more personal. And that is what I want to do in the future. Not only share the movies, quotes and clothes that I like, but also a bit more personal stuff perhaps.


So, this week is of course a bit more exciting than most ones, because I started the week in Rosello, went to Barcelona with my friend and came home in the Netherlands after five weeks on my sister’s and my birthday. So yeah, that was pretty busy. But SO much fun! Today I had an introduction day at my new school and next Monday I will really start. So I’m pretty curious how that will be (given the fact that I first had a gap year and than started a study I didn’t like). Fingers crossed that I will enjoy myself over here. For the curious ones amongst you: I’m going to study to become a nurse, and in specific: I want to specialize to become a Neonatology Intensive Care Nurse (Which will take quite some years). Tomorrow I will shop for new stationary (such a sucker for stationary), write some posts and will go out for a run. And that is about it for now, haha. Could this post be more random? I hope you will enjoy your week! <3