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It is the end of August and autumn is almost here. I love the summer and this year, I really feel like I enjoyed a nice, warm one, so I’m not really bothered by some colder weather. This feeling will probably last for about two weeks and then the only thing that will get me through the weather will be the thought of Christmas. One of my favorite times of the year! But let’s not get to far ahead, first: autumn. I’m just terrible at shopping clothes for autumn/winter, I rather save for Spring/Summer ;-) But this year I really want to put some more effort into it and buy a bit more. Here is a start:

wishlist autumn 2015

The first row: Hat-Zara, Bag-Zara, Hoodie-A&F, Sweater-Hollister. The second row: Boots-Maruti, Jacket-A&F, grey boots-A&F. I think this will be some pretty cool centre pieces. I mean, I think I need all of this. Only it is not that cheap.. Might have to pick one of these shoes instead of two. But anyway, I just wanted to say: I like the colors of this season. A LOT of black, burgundy, grey, dark green: me likey. Which boots would you choose? And are you ready for autumn? *Who am I kidding, I mean to count down for Christmas ;-)