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Hola! I’m still alive. My laptop crashed about 2 weeks ago and, silly me, I didn’t safe a lot of my documents, photos and my blogging-stuff somewhere else. When my new laptop comes, I will make a back-up everyday, lesson learned. Bloody hard-drive, lol. So I will just borrow my sister’s laptop now, untill I get a new laptop. I just can’t work on a tablet and my sister used to have a password. But she created a special account for me and my younger sister. Her laptop broke down as well, we’re so lucky. At least we are together in our misery ;-) So I didn’t stop blogging. I am actually realllyyyy excited about it. A lot of fashion posts, movie related posts, Christmas posts coming up. I know, I know, bringing that topic up again, guilty. Can’t wait! So now you know, why you haven’t heard a lot from me lately. First 6 weeks with hardly any internet connection in Spain and now not my own laptop to work from. Can’t believe it’s already the 10th of September by the way! I’m in school again and wow, the days just fly by. Hope you are doing great & I’ll keep you posted!