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So this week’s weather completely put me in the Christmas-mood. And what better way to celebrate this than with a Christmas movie, a blanket and some candles.. From now on, I will be sharing some of my favorites. The first one: The Family Stone.

the family stone1

It’s probably not a movie that everybody knows, even though it has got a great cast (Diane Keaton, Rachel McAdams, Sarah Jessica Parker – to name a few) and a little bit more going on than your avarage Christmas movie.

The movie is about one big family, coming together to celebrate Christmas. One of the sons brings home his girlfriend for the first time. It’s funny, it’s warm, it’s real and also, which might not expected, dramatic. But in a beautiful kind of way, The house where they are living is perfect, and it just makes me want to be there this Christmas. Definitely one of my favorite Christmas movies! If you haven’t seen it yet and you love Christmas movies, but with a good story going on, then I think you will love this one!