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Week 49 it is. Only 3.5 proper weeks left and then it is 2016 already. How time flies! But the last weeks of 2015 will be so much fun. Because: CHRISTMASSS yiha. I absolutely love it. This week we will get a Christmas-tree in the house, a.k.a. my life will be complete again 🎄 But for now, some favorites of this week before the lovely Christmas madness starts.

The first thing that I bumped into this week: A new picture of Princess Charlotte of Cambridge. What a cutie. She looks so much like her brother George!

The next one, a totally different one: Justin Bieber. I love this new video and the song too ofcourse: Life is Worth Living. The Choreography, which is made by the dancers -Emma Portner and Patrick Cook- themselves, is just amazing. It is such an emotional dance and the song is also just beautiful. I can’t remember the last time I was this touched by a dance. Great work!

And the last video: Something that made me laugh. I stumbled upon the YouTube account of James McVey this week and one of his videos really made me laugh: What I Wish Girl Knew. Especially the part between 07:50 and 07:56. That’s a major no, NO. Hahah. Have yourself a great Sunday!