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Yesterday I watched Love Story for the first time. The movie is pretty old and I don’t think I ever heard of it before. Can’t believe I never came across it during one of my endless searches for new good movies. But yesterday was the day I found the movie & immediately watched it.

This one is an absolute classic. Even though the movie is having its’ 46th birthday this year, you can still relate to it. Because it’s about love. And when it comes to love, there’s no expiration date ;-)

The movie is about a girl Jenny, played by Aly McGraw, who meets a boy at university called Oliver, played by Ryan O’neal. Jenny has got a vibrate personality, she’s not afraid to speak her mind in a cheeky way. Oliver is on the hockey-team and his family is very rich. The two of them start with insulting each other and making jokes, but somehow they are attracted to one another. Eventhough they don’t seem much alike at first. The story goes on, and will show you their love story. With not only happiness, but also tragedy.

I think Aly and Ryan are perfect for these roles and I love the chemistry they got going on. Most of the time they end up laughing and they just got something real going on. Next to the acting and the story, the music (By Franis Lai) is absolutely beautiful. Especially the ending, the instrumental music just fitted perfectly in there. So yet, another recommendation. Enjoy!