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Yesterday I watched Perfect Sense. Up front I didn’t really know what the movie was about. I just wanted to see something new. And hopefully good. And I can tell you, it was interesting. Kind of weird though. Let me tell you a little about the storyline..

The movie is about a chef, Michael, and an epidemiologist, Susan. He works close to her home and that is how they meet. At first everything seems normal, but then you will find out that everything isn’t that normal. There is some kind of disease going on. Everyone is slowely losing their senses, step by step, and nobody really knows how and why. You will see how Susan and Michael cope and evolve around these events. How it tears them apart and brings them closer to eachother.

I personally thought the instrumental music was breathtaking and really added something important to the movie, even as the parts of Michael and Susan together. Eva Green and Ewan McGregor did a great job. The parts that were a bit weird to me, were the parts where you saw the rest of the world going crazy. Of course, an important part of the movie, but to me that was kind of scary and weird. Nevertheless, it was very interesting.

So if you are in for some drama and romance, you could try this one. For me it would have been better if they filmed the Sci-Fi parts a little bit different from the way they did, but apart from that, it’s pretty unique. See for yourself and let me know what your thoughts are on the movie.. Here is one of my¬†favorite scenes: the ending (spoiler).