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So it’s been quite a while since I posted something fashion-related. But the warmer seasons are coming and it is getting me pretty excited! Here are some of my favorites from Abercrombie & Fitch’s SS collection 2016.

Just some pretty casual pieces, though they all got something special going on. The first three dresses are just really easy to wear. They are made of a ribbed fabric; something that we already saw a lot last year, but even more these seasons. I’m a fan! The A-lined denim skirt is also just a piece that I have to have in my wardrobe. The little jumpsuit is just really classy, relaxed and feminine. Oh, And black. Just the way I like my clothing. The wide sleeves make them a bit more breezy and summer proof. The brown dress is just gorgeous for a nice summer day/night out. The last two dresses, the pair of shorts and the cap are perfect for festivals. So yes, I like it! All of it. Now I just have to sort out which items I will order, all of them at once would be a bit expensive.. So my question for you, the grey, the black or the red dress?