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Today I watched Revolutionary Road. I watched it a couple of times before, as I always do when I think a movie is good. Yesterday I came across the trailer and it really put me in the mood to watch the whole movie again. So today I did.

Revolutionary Road is a movie by Sam Mendes starring Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio. The first time I watched it, the Kate and Leo combination itself was reason enough for me to watch it, but let me tell you this, this is nothing like the Titanic love story. Just the trailer it self is already a masterpiece if you ask me. Really powerfull.

The movie is about April and Frank and is set in ’55. You see how they met and how they are dealing with their suburban life right now. They used to be people who didn’t want this standard life where you will get so lost in, you don’t even recognize yourself antmore. I think it is a very interesting story line. You will get to see both perspectives of April and Frank and how they got to be where they are. I think it’s a very realistic storyline. It’s not about two people falling in love, but about their lives 10-15 years later. The acting was absolutely amazing as well. If you haven’t watched it yet, I would definitely like to recommend you to do so.