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Last week I watched Blue Valentine. Last time I tried to watch it, a year ago, I could not quite finish it. I just thought it was to sad. I always find myself checking out the clips from the movies though on YouTube of their, Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams’, happier times. So I thought it was about time to try to watch the movie again, given the fact that I watched it a few years ago and thought it was really good.

This time around, even though it is still a sad movie, I was able to finish watching it. It didn’t make me feel too depresses, or ‘blue’, because I thought it was just a very beautiful and real story. Where I thought it was very good (like excellent) before, I now thought it was beautiful. So a recommandation from me, and one of my favorite clips from the movie that I haven’t shared before. Ryan’s acting is so good in this part, the way he is looking and all the feeling you see on his face. In my opinion one of the best, raw movies out there.